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Enhance your language proficiency independently and enjoyably through the utilization of films and series on platforms like Netflix or YouTube. Language Reactor, a valuable tool, facilitates this process by enabling you to activate subtitles in various languages, including English, for any video content you wish to watch. This feature serves as a significant complement to the method of language learning through audiovisual media.
Learn languages by watching Netflix or YouTube video - Language Reactor

Formerly known as "Learning Languages with Netflix (LLN)," this add-on facilitates language comprehension by providing simultaneous display of both the original language and its translation. Upon installation, users can compare the two languages in terms of spoken and written expressions.

The extension incorporates customizable controls that enable cloning, allowing users to pause, play, rewind, fast-forward subtitles, and select the desired focus point.

When the user chooses to log in to the extension, it grants access to additional menus containing various features, including saved word and phrase lists, auto-translation capabilities, vocabulary highlighting, and numerous other functionalities.

Learn languages by watching Netflix or YouTube video - Language Reactor

To obtain the extension for other browsers, please visit the extension website once it becomes available for download »Language Reactor

ADD LINK Chrome Web Store: Language Reactor
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