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These are ten signs that your computer has been hacked according to information security experts

With the increasing spread of viruses and malware, computer hacking has become a significant possibility. Therefore, knowledge of information security has become essential to avoid it as much as possible. If your computer is hacked, it is crucial to be aware of it in order to take the necessary actions.
These are ten signs indicating that your computer has been hacked, according to cybersecurity experts.
In this article, we will review some signs that indicate the likelihood of your computer being hacked, according to information security experts.

Firstly, if your firewall is turned off and your antivirus programs are disabled, it may indicate that an attacker has gained access to your computer and installed a malicious program (payload or backdoor).

Secondly, if you notice sudden changes in your passwords or find unusual data in your accounts, such as strange emails or unfamiliar login attempts.

Thirdly, if you receive continuous notifications from your accounts informing you of password change attempts, it suggests that someone is trying to access your account from another location.

Fourthly, if you observe that your computer is running significantly slower despite its high specifications, there may be unauthorized activity consuming your computer resources. In such cases, it is advisable to check the active processes in the task manager.

Fifthly, if you notice sudden mouse movements without your intervention.

Sixthly, if you notice the webcam indicator light turning on without using the camera, it may indicate that someone is capturing pictures of you without your knowledge.

Seventhly, if you encounter a large number of advertisements on your computer unrelated to programs or browsers.

Eighthly, if you find unfamiliar programs installed on your computer without your knowledge, it could be a virus or malware, especially if other indicators are present.

Ninthly, if you discover open ports on your computer that are not the commonly known ones like port 80, 443, 21, and 22.

Tenthly, if your files are suddenly encrypted or deleted without warning.

Of course, there are other indicators of computer hacking, but these ten signs are the easiest to notice and can be detected by most individuals. If you encounter any of these signs, it is crucial to take immediate actions to protect your computer, assess the extent of the breach, and take necessary measures to remove malware and enhance the security of your device.

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