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 WhatsApp users face an annoying problem of receiving incoming calls from unknown numbers, often associated with fraudulent attempts. In India, the largest market for WhatsApp with over 500 million users, many users have been subjected to harassment and deception through fraudulent calls from unknown international numbers in recent months.

How to automatically block anonymous and fraudulent calls in WhatsApp:
Some hackers exploit WhatsApp's voice calling feature to compromise user accounts. In 2019, a group of hackers took advantage of WhatsApp's voice calls to install remote spyware on Android and iOS devices.

The issue lies in the lack of a method to screen incoming calls received through WhatsApp. The built-in feature of blocking calls from unknown callers on your phone cannot examine calls received through the application, making it easier for scammers and telemarketers to reach you.

To address this, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called "Silence Unknown Callers," which automatically blocks unwanted calls, fraudulent calls, and calls from unknown individuals to enhance security and provide more privacy.

With this feature enabled, you won't hear a ringtone for incoming calls from unknown individuals, but they will appear in your call log. This allows you to take appropriate action if the call is important from a known person.

How to automatically block anonymous and fraudulent calls in WhatsApp:

To automatically block unknown and fraudulent calls in the WhatsApp application, follow these steps:
1. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
2. Tap on the three-dot icon located in the top-right corner, then select "Settings."
3. Choose "Privacy."
4. Tap on "Calls."
5. Enable the "Silence Unknown Callers" option by toggling the switch next to it.
It should be noted that Meta (the parent company of WhatsApp) has enhanced the artificial intelligence and machine learning systems in the WhatsApp application with the aim of reducing unwanted call incidents. These updates are expected to decrease such calls by at least 50%.
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