Warning: AI can only create pornographic photos or videos for you from your image

There is no doubt that technological advancements have simplified our daily lives. However, creative malicious minds have also used these advancements to profit through deception and extortion.

Warning: AI can only create pornographic photos or videos for you from your image

In this case, the development of artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools has enabled the creation of deepfake images and videos for the purpose of extorting money from people. Just recently, on June 5th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the use of manipulated images and videos in "sextortion" campaigns, where several reports have been received of victims who have experienced manipulation of their personal videos and images to create fake sexual content.

The creators of these materials distribute them on social networks or adult websites to blackmail or intimidate the victims. Complaints have been filed, especially involving underage victims.

These images and videos are obtained from social networks, public sources, or even directly from the victims. Through AI-based techniques, they are able to create highly realistic but fake images of individuals.

Similarly, the FBI also highlights that many victims are unaware of the existence of these manipulated images, where their identities are impersonated, until they are coincidentally notified about it.

According to Camilo Gutierrez Amaya, Head of Research Laboratory at ESET Latin America, a company specialized in proactive threat detection, criminals send targeted emails attempting to scare victims into believing they have been infected with malicious software that allowed internet criminals to record intimate videos using the victims' own webcams.

Camilo Gutierrez Amaya states, "The methods for stealing money can vary, from demanding a specific amount in cryptocurrency to requesting the sending of gift cards."

This new form of extortion emphasizes the importance of teaching good online privacy practices and the consequences of the information we disclose. It is crucial to protect not only children but also adults, who can also become victims.

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