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Many designers, whether professionals or beginners, rely on the platform "Canva" for designing images and customized social media posts, as well as creating videos and other content. Canva provides a tool called "Magic Write" that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assist anyone in writing creative social media posts, clear captions for images, crafting paragraphs on specific topics, and more.

How to use the Magic Write AI tool in Canva?

Here are further details about the "Magic Write" feature and how to use it effectively:

What is Canva Magic Write Tool

Magic Write has been developed as an AI-powered text generation tool to assist writers and streamline their work. With this tool, writers can produce text in a matter of seconds by inputting just a few words. However, it should be noted that there is a maximum limit to the number of words this tool can generate, which is around 2000 words.

How to access the Magic Write tool in Canva?

You can access the Magic Write tool in Canva by following these steps:
  • Open the website canva.com and log in to your account.
  • Go to the Documents section by clicking on the "Design Spotlight" tab and selecting "Documents."
  • Click on "Create a Doc."
  • Click on the "+" icon and choose "Magic Write."
If you're using the Canva app on your phone, you can find Magic Write by tapping on the Documents icon, selecting "Documents," choosing "Create Blank," and finally clicking on the Magic icon located in the bottom left corner and selecting Magic Write.

How to use the Magic Write tool:

Uses of the artificial intelligence tool Magic Write:

1- Brainstorming:

Magic Write is an excellent tool for leveraging brainstorming and obtaining creative ideas. You can request ideas based on a specific topic, and you'll get new and interesting ideas that may not have occurred to you before. This can help you create creative and unique content.

2- Draft Writing:

You can use Magic Write to write any text you need, whether it's a simple blog post or a long fictional story. However, caution should be exercised when using artificial intelligence tools, as they may provide inaccurate information. Therefore, it is advisable to review the content generated by the tool and rephrase the sentences according to your own style, in addition to verifying the accuracy of the provided information.

3- Project Planning:

Sometimes, you may have an idea for a project and need assistance in creating a plan for it. In this case, Magic Write can help you create a comprehensive plan based on your idea to assist you in initiating the project.

4- Email Writing:

If you need to write an email and require assistance in crafting it appropriately, you can rely on the Magic Write tool. Input the essential information you need to include in the email, and the tool will generate the message for you in a matter of seconds. After that, you can make some modifications to the email before sending it.

5- Social Media Post Writing:

Content creators on social media need to maintain a strong presence and regularly share diverse posts with their followers. Sometimes, it can be challenging to describe and formulate inspirational posts. In such cases, you can seek assistance from Magic Write to create a creative post that suits the content you present on social media. You can also request a suitable description for an image you intend to share.

6- Summarizing Long Texts:

If you have a lengthy email, story, article, or any text that you don't have time to read in its entirety, you can seek help from Magic Write to summarize the text and extract the key points from it.

7- Text Rewriting:

Sometimes, when you're drafting an article or story, you may need to rephrase it in a better way. If you don't have sufficient time to do so or need assistance with this task, you can use the Magic Write tool and provide the draft to have it rewritten into a more creative and high-quality text.
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