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In today's digital age, the advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionized the way we interact with technology. One remarkable development is the ability to generate speech using AI. This technology has evolved to provide a wide range of voices, from natural human-like tones to various recorded voices that can be tailored to different needs and preferences. The 8 best sites to convert text to speech very natural for YouTube

Top 8 AI Audio Generation Tools

These tools are invaluable for creating realistic audio commentary for promotional videos, educational content, podcasts, and more. With the plethora of tools and applications available, content creators can easily enhance their online presence, especially on platforms like YouTube and social media. The text-to-speech technology allows them to convert written content into natural-sounding speech, enriching the overall user experience and engagement.

With the abundance of text-to-speech conversion websites, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best. In this article, we will explore eight of the top websites for converting text to speech, offering natural-sounding voiceovers. These tools and websites were selected based on the quality of the generated speech, ease of use, and availability of multiple features.


Well Said Labs is a company specializing in producing voiceovers using modern artificial intelligence techniques. The company relies on deep learning technologies to develop intelligent voices that sound remarkably natural.

The Well Said Labs platform stands out for providing professional voices in various languages and dialects, catering to content creators on multiple platforms such as YouTube, social media platforms, audiobooks, and more.

Furthermore, you can utilize the available studio within the website to customize the voice to suit your content and topics, whether it's regarding pronunciation, volume, or tone.
The platform also offers the opportunity to utilize its Application Programming Interface (API), allowing you to benefit from it faster, easier, and more efficiently. It's worth mentioning that many YouTube channels participating in the YouTube Partner Program and generating revenue use voices from this innovative company.

2.Murf Ai

Murf Ai
Murf AI, also known as Murf, is a website that represents a new frontier in the world of artificial voice intelligence. It offers incredibly natural voices with human-like features such as breathing, pauses between sentences, tone variations, and depth of sound, catering to the needs of professionals in the field of voiceover.

Whether you work in podcasting, audiobooks, YouTube, marketing, or social media, the MURF website is a leading tool in your digital toolkit. Additionally, Murf offers excellent pricing plans that suit everyone, particularly the "ON THE GO" plan, which provides you with a credit of 30 minutes to use as you wish, without the need for a monthly subscription. This means you can use it to experience the quality and beauty of the website's voices in various languages and dialects.

It is worth mentioning that the Murf website also features several other outstanding tools, such as the voice modulation tool. With this tool, you can easily and precisely change the voice within your audio recording to another voice from Murf's selected collection. Furthermore, you can create captivating videos using images and video clips in the exceptional Murf Studio, known as MURF STUDIO.

Descript is considered a pioneer in the field of AI-powered voice-over, known for its high-quality selection of natural voices available in various languages. This remarkable software was one of the first platforms to offer the service of generating voice-over using your own voice through AI technology.

This feature, called "overdub," requires you to record your voice by reading a specific article or text for at least ten minutes. Afterwards, the AI and deep learning algorithms can capture your intonation exceptionally well and produce an astonishing voice-over using your own voice.

Indeed, Descript is widely recognized as an excellent platform for video editing and post-production, commonly used in the creation of video content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The website boasts an extensive library of images and videos, along with an appealing feature called dynamic subtitles, which sets it apart from other websites and applications.
Broadcasters and podcast producers find great value in using Descript due to its seamless audio editing capabilities. It allows for easy text editing, eliminating word repetitions and removing any background noise, resulting in attractive and professional-sounding recordings.

Therefore, Descript is a beautiful and comprehensive option for content creators on platforms like YouTube, as well as for digital marketing and social media purposes. It offers a unique range of beautiful and natural-sounding voice-over options, along with its editing studio for video customization. Additionally, it provides the ability to add captivating subtitles, enhancing audience engagement across all platforms.


ElevenLabs is a new website dedicated to producing natural-sounding voice-over recordings used by content creators on YouTube, radio stations, books, and various fields that require the use of professional human voices to convey their content in a distinctive manner.

The ElevenLabs website relies heavily on artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. The company aims to develop the best artificial speech software for content creators and producers.

On the website, you will find suitable pricing plans for beginners and a diverse range of unique voices with a strong human character. What truly sets the website apart is the ability to obtain a voice clone using artificial intelligence, allowing you to have a voice that is distinctive and exceptional. This can be done within a few minutes, and it is known as voice cloning.

5. Play.ht

Experience the power of modern smart technology with the genius website, play ht. Enhance your audio content using the amazing voice generator that utilizes text-to-speech technology, and enjoy the natural-sounding voice created instantly.

At play ht, you will find unparalleled high-quality voiceovers that are incredibly realistic, making it difficult to distinguish them from human speech. It makes converting text into high-quality audio files in MP3 and WAV formats effortless, making them perfect for improving your podcasts, videos, and presentations.

Additionally, you will discover a vast library of 907 synthetic voices available in 142 languages and dialects.

What truly sets play ht apart is its ability to produce highly realistic voices with different tones, allowing you to create funny voices that speak as if they are 100% real!


Resemble.AI platform offers a fantastic range of specialized services in natural voice synthesis. This platform stands out with its innovative features and tools, including:
  1. Voice cloning: Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technology, Resemble.AI can generate a voice that closely resembles your personal voice by simply recording a few minutes of audio. You will find the AI-generated version of your voice to be highly accurate and can use it later in your own videos.
  2. Voice modulation: Users of the Resemble.AI platform can modify voices while maintaining the same vocal effects and tone. This feature is ideal for projects such as video games and animated movies.
  3. 100% Natural Text-to-Speech: The AI-powered speech synthesis technology available on Resemble.AI is perfect for converting written text into natural-sounding audio outputs. This technology is excellent for creating audiobooks, voiceovers, and other text-based content.
  4. Emotion detection: The AI-based emotion detection technology can analyze and detect emotions conveyed in speech. This feature is capable of sensing and understanding the emotions expressed in spoken texts.

7. Synthesys

Synthesys is a leading company in the field of text-to-speech conversion and video creation for commercial use. The company allows you to choose from over 65 different natural voices to create a distinct voiceover for your videos, podcasts, or audiobooks.

In addition, they offer an amazing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to convert text into videos. A highly realistic character is created, who speaks based on your script or text, featuring automatic lip-sync and mouth movement synchronization with the spoken text.

Recently, several websites specialized in converting texts into natural voiceovers have emerged, including the ability to add emotions such as joy, hope, and laughter. Among these websites, "lovo" stands out for offering over 400 different voices in a hundred different languages, along with a diverse range of advanced tools to customize the audio according to your specific needs, such as adding distinctive pronunciation, voice pauses, and other excellent features.

9. Voice.ai tool

You can use Voice.ai to create sounds for video games, conversations, live streaming, and other purposes. It allows you to reproduce your voice and someone else's, doing so in high resolution while keeping the conversation contextual.

Using Voice.ai, you can reproduce any sound by simply uploading a reference sound to the tool's website, or choose an audio sample from the samples available on the site, as it includes an audio library that includes more than 15,000 different sounds suitable for all work, as you will find audio samples of children's voices, women, men, and the elderly, and audio samples are available in different tones to suit the context.

10. Speechify

Speechify is the perfect companion for anyone looking to easily and efficiently convert text to speech. This versatile tool is the ideal solution for converting texts from PDF files, emails, documents, and articles into audio using artificial intelligence technology.

Thanks to Speechify, users can listen to texts instead of reading them, saving time and effort. To meet the diverse needs of users, the tool offers over 200 high-quality voices and more than 20 accents to choose from.

Speechify also stands out for its ability to recognize over 15 different languages, making it perfect for users dealing with multilingual texts. With the available controls for voice, reading tone, and speed, users can fully customize their listening experience according to their preferences.

11.Fliki tool

Fliki is an AI-powered text-to-speech and text-to-video tool that can be used to easily create audio and visual content, providing more than 2,000 realistic audio and supporting more than 75 languages.

Fliki can be used to produce video tutorials, product promotions or social media publications.

Can AI-generated voiceover be used on YouTube?

In short, yes, you can indeed use AI-generated human-like voiceovers on YouTube. There are already many monetized YouTube channels that utilize AI tools to convert text into speech. However, there are some important points to consider to ensure effectiveness:
  1. The chosen voice should closely resemble a natural human voice, without sounding robotic or mechanical. Therefore, it should possess natural speech characteristics, such as pauses, appropriate speed adjustment, emphasis on specific words, and so on.
  2. There should be coherence between the visual content of the videos and the audio, meaning that the voiceover should fit well within the video.
  3. Adding motion and engagement within YouTube videos is crucial. This can be achieved through selecting impressive video clips, transitions between scenes, or employing professional graphics and other tools.
  4. Avoid using any plagiarized textual content, whether it's from articles or other videos.
  5. When it comes to safely and practically acquiring voiceovers for your YouTube videos to enable monetization through Google AdSense and joining the YouTube Partner Program, it's best to use a genuine human voice. This can be achieved by recording the voice yourself or using freelance services like Fiverr and Upwork.

What are the uses of text-to-speech conversion websites?

There are many ways and fields to use the voice generated from text-to-speech conversion, such as:
  1. Content creators on YouTube.
  2. Audiobooks.
  3. Educational courses.
  4. Creating audio recordings or podcasts.
  5. Social media promotion.
  6. Commercial advertisements for affiliate marketing.
  7. Creating lectures and presentations.
  8. Developing applications for teaching different languages or stories.
  9. Creating virtual assistants.
These were the top 9 very natural text-to-speech sites for YouTube .
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