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How to measure noise from your neighbors with your phone before reporting to the police

Noise is an integral part of daily life, but sometimes it can exceed acceptable limits, leading to disruptive levels of annoyance. If you're dealing with excessively noisy neighbors, there are steps you can take before resorting to the police. First, you can measure the noise level using readily available and user-friendly tools.

You can use your smartphone to measure the noise level without spending money. There are apps available for both Android and iPhone devices that turn your phone into a sound meter.
How to record and measure noise from your neighbors using your phone before reporting to the police

How to record and measure noise from your neighbors using your phone before reporting to the police

If free apps don't meet your needs, you can always purchase a sound level meter device. These devices provide greater accuracy and are a reliable option if you want to get an accurate measurement before contacting the police for a noise inspection at your home.

Understand regulations regarding noise levels

Before proceeding with noise measurement, it is important to understand local regulations regarding acceptable noise levels. These regulations vary from country to country, so check the legal standards in your region to see what maximum decibels allow.

How to deal with annoying noise from neighbors using decibel measuring tools

There are several ways to measure decibels using your smartphone or purchasing a dedicated device. Here are some tools that can help you:

1. Smartphone Applications

  • Sound Meter: An application available on Android devices that allows you to measure the decibel level using the phone's built-in microphone.
  • Sonómetro (Sound Meter): Another app for Android devices that offers similar functionality.
  •   NIOSH Sound Level Meter: An app for iPhone that provides accurate decibel level measurements.
These apps feature user-friendly interfaces and provide real-time measurements, helping you know the noise level quickly and with acceptable accuracy. If you doubt the accuracy of the built-in microphone, you can purchase an external microphone to improve the measurement quality.

2.Decibel measuring devices

 If you prefer greater resolution or aren't convinced with free apps, you can buy a sound level meter. These devices provide accurate noise level readings and can be a valuable tool before any legal action is taken.

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How to measure the noise from your neighbors with your phone in case you have to report them to the police

After measuring the noise level, if you are certain that the noise exceeds the allowable limit, you can contact the police and file a complaint with the evidence you have. This action is a legal step to ensure your rights in a quiet home environment. In summary, regardless of the option you choose, whether using smartphone apps or purchasing a dedicated device, measuring noise levels is the first step to take before contacting the police. Make sure you have all the necessary evidence to support your complaint and ensure effective handling of the issue.

Next procedures after measurement

If the noise level is found to exceed the permissible legal limit:
  1. Try talking to your neighbor to inform him of the problem and ask for a reduction in the noise level.
  2. If the neighbor doesn't respond, you can use the measurements you got as evidence when you call the police. Police will attend for an audio check and make sure the legal limit has been exceeded.
This way, you can effectively deal with the noise problem, ensure local laws are respected and maintain a quiet and comfortable residential environment. 
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