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Do you want to know the websites you frequently visit? If you're interested in learning about the sites that occupy your browsing time, you can easily do so.

This feature doesn't provide detailed information about the number of times you visit a page but gives an estimate between 0 and 100. This estimate gives you a general idea of the ranking, allowing you to identify the sites you visit more frequently. For example, if a page has a rating of 100 out of 100, it indicates regular visits, possibly daily when you launch the browser. The closer the estimate is to 0, the more you use and value the page.

In this hidden link on the internet, you can discover all the sites you visit more than others. Chrome, along with other Chromium-based browsers, allows you to access this information. The process is simple and useful, and we'll explain how you can view this data, delete it, and why it might be important.
Hidden link via the Internet you will know all the sites you visit the most and how to delete them confidentially
You can access this information via the link:
Copy the above link and paste it into a new tab. You'll see a list of all sites ranked from most to least important to you, helping you identify frequently visited sites.

If you primarily use the browser for reading, you'll usually see pages you visit frequently based on your interaction type. For instance, if you're a follower of social networks, they will likely appear at the top. It all depends on each individual's personal usage habits.

However, this unique information for each device and user may raise privacy concerns, as third parties can gain a deeper understanding of your browsing activity and personal interests. This raises questions about whether it is genuinely useful or poses a challenge to privacy rights.

Although you can't remove this feature from Chrome, you can regularly delete browsing data via the link:
This procedure is very straightforward and can be executed in Chrome or any other browser based on Chromium. Please note that this unique information for each user may raise privacy concerns, and while you can't delete this feature, you can delete browsing data periodically.
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