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How to Detect Scams, Fake Links and Malware to Avoid Internet Fraud - NordVPN Link Checker

To avoid exposure to online fraud detect online frauds, fake links and malware
Feel free to add this new website to your favorites as a reliable ally to avoid online scams. This site serves as an effective tool for detecting risky links and malicious software through analysis. You can enhance your system's security by installing a robust antivirus program. This article will delve into the NordVPN Link Checker web tool, which is user-friendly and prevents you from falling victim to scams and phishing attempts, reducing the risk of password compromise.

NordLabs Link Checker: A tool to avoid malicious websites 

NordVPN has developed a new online service called "Link Checker" This service allows you to analyze any link you input, checking for malware and phishing attempts. After verification, it provides a report on the website's reliability. Emphasizing the increasing realism of fraudulent pages, it confirms that attackers are making them appear trustworthy, making deception harder to detect visually. Here, Link Checker plays a crucial role.

How to Use NordVPN Link Checker to Detect Fake Links

The service is easy and straightforward to use. Simply access the website through the NordLabs Link Checker tool link, then you'll see the URL input bar. After entering the URL address, just click "Analyse." You can utilize this service, for instance, to inspect links received via email or text messages and verify their absence of any fraudulent activity aimed at stealing your personal data or passwords.
NordLabs Link Checker: A tool to avoid malicious websites

Is this link secure?

Scan the URL you want to visit to detect malware, fake websites, and phishing attacks. Upon clicking the analysis option, the site's reliability is verified. If no issues are found, a green mark indicates the site is safe with no signs of malicious activity. If anything unusual is detected, it could be a sign of a phishing attack, and it's recommended to avoid sharing personal data or accessing the site.
NordLabs Link Checker: A tool to avoid malicious websites

What does the Link Checker do?

Link Checker is a tool for examining URLs designed to help you avoid malware, phishing attacks, bot networks, and fake websites.

Avoid Phishing Attacks

Received a suspicious email or text message? Check the link before clicking to significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to a phishing attack.

Block Malicious Websites

Some websites are filled with malware waiting to be downloaded and executed on your device. Link Checker warns you before it's too late.

Through NordVPN, it is affirmed that they have information on 95% of commonly forged domains used in phishing attacks. The service can assist in identifying security threats, such as fake pages aiming to steal accounts like Netflix, Facebook, email, or bank accounts.

However, caution should always prevail. It is crucial to verify and avoid logging in through links received via email, text messages, or social media. Despite supportive technologies, users should refrain from accessing through unreliable links and stick to official pages from apps downloaded from trustworthy sources.
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