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AI tools for teachers have become increasingly popular and readily available. By utilizing these tools, educators can enhance their effectiveness and save time by automating various daily tasks, such as lesson planning and presentations. These tools also contribute to improving the overall learning experience.
AI tools for teachers to save time and boost productivity
In this article, we'll review five of the best AI tools for teachers, supporting them in saving time and boosting productivity. These tools also offer opportunities to create new teaching methods that enhance students' engagement and motivation, contributing to the enhanced learning and teaching experience.

AI tools for teachers to save time and boost productivity 

In this article, we will present five of the best AI tools designed for teachers, to enhance productivity and create new teaching methods that encourage student engagement and enhance their interaction, enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Tool SlidesAI.io:

SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool aimed at assisting educators in creating engaging presentations. This tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence techniques to generate slides and designs for presentations based on the textual content provided by the educator. 
Additionally, SlidesAI automatically suggests relevant images and graphics based on the presentation content, seamlessly integrating them with Google Workspace applications. SlidesAI also provides pre-designed templates and themes to streamline the user's selection process, enabling the rapid and efficient creation of presentations.

ClassPoint AI:

ClassPoint AI is an advanced tool powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed to enhance teachers' experience in creating assessments using PowerPoint presentations. The tool analyzes information added to slides and intelligently generates diverse questions. For example, if a slide contains the term "English language," ClassPoint AI will create smart questions related to that term. Similarly, if information about a specific topic, such as "photosynthesis" in biology, is added, the tool will generate smart questions related to that information.

An additional feature offered by ClassPoint AI is the ability for teachers to instantly convert these questions into tests, making it easier for them to efficiently prepare assessments. Teachers' roles are not limited to this; they can also choose the difficulty level of the questions they want to add to the test, providing them with flexibility and complete control in configuring assessments that align with their educational needs.

PowerPoint Speaker Coach:

The PowerPoint Speaker Coach tool stands by teachers in delivering effective and engaging classroom presentations through Microsoft's PowerPoint application. This tool analyzes the teacher's voice pitch and tone during the presentation, providing valuable suggestions to enhance performance.

PowerPoint Speaker Coach serves as the ideal companion for teachers aiming to make presentations engaging by assisting them in adjusting their voice tones. This improvement makes it easier for students to maintain focus and interact in the class environment. Utilizing this tool is particularly beneficial for new teachers or those seeking guidance on the best ways to deliver presentations in the classroom.

PowerPoint Speaker Coach provides a comprehensive report, including reviews on speech speed, phrase repetition, the use of sensitive phrases, overall presentation time, and guidance on how to improve.

Education CoPilot:

Education CoPilot is an artificial intelligence-supported tool that contributes to designing curriculum plans and educational activities, while tracking student progress. Additionally, teachers can use it to create customized lesson plans that meet the unique needs of each student in their classrooms.

Furthermore, Education CoPilot enables teachers to quickly craft lessons and comes with advanced features such as AI-designed templates, document editing capabilities, automatic saving, and more. It's worth noting that these features are exclusive to subscribers of the premium plan.


QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that utilizes advanced algorithms to save teachers time in lesson preparation, crafting worksheets, and assessing students. Teachers can input sentences or paragraphs into the tool, and QuillBot quickly generates a variety of alternative sentences that retain the original meaning using different words or structures.

This tool assists teachers in creating new educational materials and worksheets from existing content. Additionally, QuillBot includes features to check for grammatical or syntactical errors, aiding teachers in producing high-quality content.
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