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Let's be honest, Google Photos is a fantastic solution for those who want to keep backup copies of their photos and videos in the cloud. However, if you're using Google Photos solely as a gallery for your pictures on your phone, you might find it a bit dull. The app is highly advanced and includes many features that primarily focus on the cloud, making it less than ideal for those simply seeking a straightforward gallery app. Today, we introduce to you the perfect alternative!

Google Gallery app without the need for an internet connection

Google Photos alternative:

Millions of people use the Google Photos app as a gallery for their pictures, caring less about cloud services and simply wanting to browse the photos and videos stored on their smartphones. For those individuals, the Google Photos app is highly advanced, with features that predominantly focus on cloud storage, making it sometimes challenging to know the location of photos or what happens if they get deleted.

But no need to worry. If you encounter this issue, Google has considered you with the Google Gallery app, an ideal alternative for those who want a photo gallery without relying on cloud storage. It's extremely straightforward, allowing almost all smartphones to use it to view locally stored photos and videos on the device without the need for continuous cloud or internet connection.

Google Gallery comes with many fantastic photo features, completely ignoring cloud storage and continuous internet connection, making it a perfect substitute for those who want to keep their photos local.
When you remove cloud reliance from the equation, you find a much simpler app that can be used without a constant internet connection, providing a complete catalog of supported features. Don't worry about replacing Google Photos with Google Gallery; you'll have access to a wide range of features, including:
  • Access to your photos without an internet connection.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Customizable user interface according to your preferences.
  •  Ability to create custom albums.
  • Smart albums using facial recognition.
  • Smart search bar.
  • Display photos in grid or list layout.
  • Ability to edit backgrounds.
  • Photo and video editor.
  • Ability to share with third-party editors.
  • Hide photos for privacy.
  • Backup and restore using Google Drive (if this feature is activated).
  • Wireless sharing to other devices.
  • Virtual assistant.
  •  Collage creation.
  • Creating music videos from photos.
  • Drawing and text tool.
  • Creating GIFs from video clips.
  • Sharing links to photos or videos.
Now that you're familiar with Google Gallery, it's recommended to set aside Google Photos and install it to simplify the photo browsing process on your smartphone.
Google Gallery

How to replace Google Photos with Google Gallery:

If you decide to try Google Gallery, keep in mind that it's a completely free app available on the Google Play Store. You just need to consider that if you're already using Google Photos, you should uninstall or deactivate it to make Google Gallery your primary gallery app. The steps are quite simple:
 Download the application through the Google Play Store for  Google Gallery
1. Open your smartphone settings.
2. Look for the applications section.
3. Search for the Google Photos app.
4. Click on "Deactivate."

By following these four steps, Google Photos will remain in standby mode, and Google Gallery will take on the role of the default gallery app.
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