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Currently, there is a promotion for the sale of fake USB flash drives on popular e-commerce platforms, where these drives claim to offer massive storage capacities at very attractive prices.

Is the flash memory genuine or not?

However, it turns out that these offers are a "trap," and it's unfortunate that the buyer only realizes this reality when attempting to store large files on the flash drive. For instance, someone might purchase a 256 gigabyte flash drive, and when trying to store a 32 gigabyte file, a message appears indicating that the flash drive is full! Or that it doesn't have enough space to accommodate this file. Fake flash drives are not just a disappointment but also pose a serious risk and can lead to the loss of stored files. So, if you've bought a new USB flash drive and suspect that you might be a victim of deception, try one of the tools below to perform a simple test that will tell you whether it's fake and has less storage space than advertised.
The best tools to know if the flash memory is original or not

The best tools to find out whether the flash memory is original or not 

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The first tool   H2testw

Would you like to verify the authenticity of a USB flash drive? Here are some specialized tools that can be used for this purpose. These tools examine storage units in general, including external hard drives and microSD memory cards, to determine whether they are genuine or fake.

For example, the H2testw program writes random data to the storage unit until it is full. If the process stops due to the actual capacity not matching the advertised capacity, you will be notified that the flash drive is not authentic.

Additionally, the program provides other useful information such as read and write speeds, allowing you to compare them with the information provided by the manufacturer or seller. This program is user-friendly, as you can simply run it, select the flash drive, and start the examination and analysis process. It's important to note that this process may take a considerable amount of time, with testing a 64GB flash memory possibly taking several hours.

The second tool  FakeDriveCheck

Would you like to verify if your USB flash drive is genuine or not? Now you can use the latest tools designed for this purpose, such as FakeDriveCheck. This tool provides a simple way to test your USB flash drive and determine whether it is fake or real, allowing you to verify the advertised storage capacity and avoid manipulation. The tool is free, features a clean user interface, and requires no installation as it is portable.

Simply connect your USB flash drive to your computer and open the tool, then click on the drive's name to start the verification. No need to worry, as the check will not delete stored data. The program conducts a series of tests to verify the authenticity of the storage unit. If it is genuine, a message stating "Drive is OK" will appear. If it is fake or corrupted, a message saying "FAKE or corrupted" will appear, and it is recommended to back up the data and take necessary actions in that case.

The third tool  CapacityTester

This tool is primarily designed for Linux distribution users, but there is a Windows version under development, and overall, it operates in the same way as the previous tools. The CapacityTester tool is completely free and performs its function by adding random files to the flash memory until it reaches full capacity. It then compares the actual capacity with the advertised capacity and clearly displays the result. If a mismatch occurs, you will be notified in the results box at the bottom of the screen, along with the display of the actual storage space for the flash drive.

Fourth tool  ValiDrive

ValiDrive tool is a simple tool that detects counterfeit external storage units, whether due to inaccurate storage capacity or less than what the manufacturer claims. ValiDrive is entirely free and requires no installation, with a lightweight design that conducts the verification process quickly. The tool provides a report indicating whether the unit can actually store the declared data size or less, indicating it as a fake storage unit. The tool can be used with all storage units connecting to the computer via USB, including external hard drives and flash drives.

The tool's interface is straightforward, displaying information on how the tool operates and an overview of the technologies used in the testing process. To begin, click on "Check USB Drive" and connect the external hard drive or flash drive to the computer. The tool will immediately initiate the examination process, then display a final report. If all the boxes are green, it indicates that the storage unit is genuine. If there are red boxes, it suggests that the capacity is less than what the manufacturer claims. The report also provides details about performance and storage values, which may be of particular importance.

Tips to avoid buying fake USB flash drives:

  • Buy from trusted stores: Avoid buying flashes from untrusted sellers or from shady websites.
  • Check the price: If the flash drive is suspiciously cheap, it indicates that it may be fake.
  • Read user reviews: Before buying a USB flash, read user reviews to make sure it is quality and reliable.
  • Use fake flash detectors: Be sure to test the flash with one of the tools listed above before using it to store your files.
Don't put your files at risk of loss! Beware of the trap of fake !
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