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Bring AI to your browser. Chat with websites, PDFs, videos, write emails, SEO articles, and tweet
The introduction of the Harpa AI extension for Google Chrome presents internet users with an exciting opportunity to leverage advanced technology. This addition to the array of available solutions, including Google's Bard AI, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Grammarly, allows users to explore the benefits of this new artificial intelligence effortlessly through a provided link.

Unlocking Productivity: Revolutionize Your Online Experience with Harpa AI

Already, Harpa AI has garnered over 300,000 downloads worldwide, easily activated by pressing Alt + A on the keyboard. Its functionalities span from web page extraction, monitoring, and summarization to multi-language translation, grammar checking, travel planning, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume enhancement, search engine optimization, and even article generation.
Add Harpa AI: Bring AI to your browser for web browsing, email writing, SEO, video summarization and more
One standout feature of Harpa is its impressive ability to compose natural email responses and efficiently manage incoming emails. Its versatility extends to seamless integration with popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and others.

In addition, this AI has another great feature, as it can summarize the content of videos on YouTube in a matter of moments, even those that last for several hours, and is very important in saving time and effort.
Add Harpa AI: Bring AI to your browser for web browsing, email writing, SEO, video summarization and more
On another note, this AI excels in its capacity to produce diverse texts, spanning from brief tweets and direct messages to extensive blog articles and social media posts. Furthermore, it offers an array of writing and educational styles, rendering it a valuable asset for enhancing writing skills across various user demographics.
Add Harpa AI: Bring AI to your browser for web browsing, email writing, SEO, video summarization and more
Harpa AI emerges as a versatile AI tool, enabling users to efficiently and accurately execute a broad spectrum of tasks. Harpa AI is adept at crafting descriptive captions and tags for posts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, and can engage with messages on messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Discord. With its built-in spelling and grammar checker, users can translate texts instantly and rectify linguistic errors akin to Grammarly.
Add Harpa AI: Bring AI to your browser for web browsing, email writing, SEO, video summarization and more
Among Harpa's capabilities is the ability to analyze and "voice opinions" in online articles, making it a valuable tool for journalists and other professionals. Additionally, users can search and browse the web using Harpa, enabling them to access GPT answers in addition to search results from engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.

Harpa also works on developing AI workflows, providing templates for extracting and analyzing tabular data, keyword pricing for search engine optimization, form filling, click automation, and much more. In addition, Harpa includes many other functions such as keyword extractor and Google Sheets formula writer, making it a comprehensive assistant that can be quickly and easily installed in Google Chrome and used instantly via this link Harpa AI.

🌟 How to install and use Harpa AI 

  •  Visit Harpa AI Click "Add to Chrome" to install the plugin.
  • Go to the web page from which you want to summarize, monitor or extract data, for example. Product catalog.
  • Click on the plugin icon in the Chrome 🧩 toolbar, and a sidebar will appear. ASK HARPA FOR ANYTHING OR SWITCH TO THE MONITOR TAB AND CLICK START TO MONITOR THE PAGE.
Introducing Harpa AI, your personal AI assistant designed for Chrome. Whether it's collaboration, automation, research, summarization, translation, or writing on websites, Harpa AI has you covered.
🧬 Enhance your browsing experience with the GPT-driven Auto Agent

Harpa AI is your go-to AI companion for web browsing and automation. By seamlessly integrating OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT3 / GPT4, ClaudeAI, Bard, web monitoring, and automation into any tab, Harpa AI revolutionizes your online interactions. Simply summon Harpa AI on any site by pressing [Alt+A] and engage in effortless communication.

🧠 AI-assisted web browsing and research
Experience AI-powered chat related to the page on any website. Harpa AI delivers GPT answers alongside search results from Google / Bing / DuckDuckGo / Yahoo, enabling interactions with web pages, videos, PDFs, and even summarizing legal documents. With capabilities for data extraction, SEO keyword extraction, and more, Harpa AI becomes your indispensable search assistant.

🎬 Summarize YouTube videos
Save time by quickly summarizing lengthy YouTube videos. With Harpa AI, summarizing videos is just a click away.

🚀 Over 100 context-specific commands related to the page
Unlock a plethora of AI-powered tools including a translator, spell checker, trip planner, LinkedIn & CV profile optimizer, SEO content writer, article generator, keyword extractor, Google Sheets formula writer, and more. Engineered by professionals, Harpa AI offers a comprehensive suite of commands tailored to enhance your browsing experience.

💌 Email writer
Streamline your email communication with Harpa AI. From proofreading to rephrasing and responding in your unique voice and context, Harpa AI ensures polished email responses. Integrated with popular email services like GMail, Hotmail, and Outlook, Harpa AI doubles your inbox clearing speed.

👍 Social media marketing toolkit
Effortlessly manage your social media presence with Harpa AI. From writing labels and tags to crafting tweets, posts, and replies, Harpa AI simplifies social media marketing across platforms.

✍️ Spell checker and translator
Ensure accuracy and clarity with Harpa AI's spell checking and translation capabilities, akin to Quillbot and Grammarly.

🎭️️️️️️ AI-written long-form articles
Harpa AI empowers you to generate various types of content, from tweets and direct messages to emails, social media posts, and long blog articles exceeding 25,000 words. With 18 writing styles to choose from and the ability to learn and mimic your unique writing style, Harpa AI is your ultimate content creation tool.

🤿 Fully customizable
Tailor your automation workflows and commands to suit your specific needs with Harpa AI's fully customizable features. Choose from a catalog of automation templates for tasks ranging from data extraction to web browsing and more.

📡 Website monitoring and task automation
Stay informed and streamline tasks with Harpa AI's built-in price and webpage tracker. From auto-refreshing pages to receiving alerts on price drops and back-in-stock notifications, Harpa AI ensures seamless website monitoring and task automation.

🔍 SEO companion
Enhance your SEO efforts with Harpa AI's AI-generated writing capabilities. Extract SEO keywords, perform audits, create content plans, and enrich your blog with related LSI keywords and more.

🛡 User-centric and privacy protection
Rest assured knowing that your data remains local with Harpa AI. With a commitment to user-centricity and privacy protection, Harpa AI does not collect, sell, or send any of your data to external servers.

Harpa AI is your ultimate AI-powered productivity tool, offering a customizable alternative to other AI assistants. With support for GPTs from the GPT store, DALLE models, and OpenRouter models, including MistralAI, Perplexity, LLAMA, and others, Harpa AI empowers you to unlock limitless possibilities without the need for code.
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