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When browsing the internet, we often come across various things we want to search for quickly. The default method is to highlight the text and search on Google. However, we present Chrome browser extensions that allow you to search directly on YouTube, use other search engines, search through all open tabs, search by image, and more, as discussed in our article.

Use these extensions on the Chrome browser to enhance and facilitate online search

Use these extensions on the Chrome browser to enhance and facilitate online search
Google continuously enhances its Chrome browser and search engine to improve the web browsing and searching experience, making it easier and more accurate for users to find information. These upgrades respond to user demands, aiming to make the search process more efficient and seamless.

At the I/O 2024 conference, Google unveiled a new set of improvements to its search engine. These enhancements are designed to provide more accurate and faster results, along with new tools that facilitate finding the required information more effectively.

Beyond these announced improvements, users can further enhance their search experience by using extensions specifically designed for the Chrome browser. These extensions significantly improve the online search experience and offer additional features that make searching easier and more efficient.

Recommended Chrome extensions to improve your search experience

Added Search YouTube to search for a specific word within YouTube

The "Search through YouTube" lightweight extension adds a convenient option to your browser's right-click menu. By clicking on the extension icon, you can instantly access the youtube.com site without the need to type in the address.

This extension enables you to search for YouTube videos directly from any web page you're viewing. Simply select a piece of text on the page, right-click, and then click the "Add Search YouTube" button to navigate directly to YouTube and find the content you're interested in.

"Search YouTube" stands out as one of the top Chrome extensions for enhancing the YouTube video search experience. It allows users to search for videos easily, swiftly, and accurately without having to open the main YouTube website.
Added Search YouTube to search for a specific word within YouTube

Add Search by Image to search for photos

You can search in Chrome by clicking on any image and using Google Lens, but with the "Search by Image" extension, you can search through various search engines. 

Imagine browsing social media and coming across a photo of a unique product or an intriguing historical landmark. With "Search by Image," simply right-click on the image and select "Search by Image" to access a wealth of information.

"Search by Image" allows you to choose your preferred search engine, whether it's Google, Bing, Yandex, TinEye, or others. 

Seeking precise and accurate information? By activating the "Deep Search" option when selecting images, you ensure rich results from reliable sources.

On the "Search by Image" options page, you can customize the list of search engines that appear and enable or disable additional features such as opening the image in a new tab.
Add Search by Image to search for photos

Added Search All Tabs to search within tabs

Introducing the Search All Tabs extension, designed to elevate your web browsing experience. This handy extension allows you to swiftly search through all your open tabs, whether by file name or keywords within the tab content. Simply with up to 20 tabs open, hit the Search All Tabs button, then input the desired word. Instantly, all tabs containing the word will appear in a separate window for easy access.

Notably, this extension boasts numerous features to streamline your browsing and searching. Enjoy robust offline indexing and search capabilities, enabling you to find matching terms in tab titles and content even when offline.

Key features of this add-on include:
  • Quick copying of all URLs to the clipboard.
  • Opening all matches in a new window.
  • Seamless operations using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Support for dark mode.
  • Avoidance of duplicate tab searches.
  • Search functionality within PDF files.
  • Deep search capability for thorough exploration and review of more results.
Add Search All Tabs to search within tabs

Add Simple = Select + Search to search through other engines

With the Simple = Select + Search extension, you can conveniently search for specific text snippets on web pages using search engines other than Google within the Chrome browser. Once installed, simply select the desired text on a webpage, right-click, and opt for the "Search.. on" feature, then choose your preferred search engine from the available options.

Moreover, the extension offers the flexibility to search across multiple search engines simultaneously with the "Search Everywhere" option. This opens a dedicated tab for each search engine, providing access to diverse and comprehensive results. You can also customize your search experience by adding any additional search engines you prefer.
Add Simple = Select + Search to search through other engines
DuckDuckGo comes as an ideal solution to protect users' privacy while searching online. This extension focuses on improving privacy through its unique features, making it an ideal alternative to traditional search engines like Google and Bing.

The extension gives quick access to the DuckDuckGo search engine from anywhere on your browser, without having to go to DuckDuckGo.com.

Through the use of the right extensions and continuous Google improvements, users can make the most of their online search experience in the Chrome browser. These tools and improvements contribute to making the search process more efficient and accurate, helping to access the required information easily and quickly.
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