Use Audacity online to edit and modify sounds and songs

Audacity is one of the best free audio editing software that anyone can work with, from beginners to experts. It's simple and professional at the same time, as it includes multi-track recording and editing features for most major systems, so in this post we will learn an online tool derived from Audacity.


Wavacity is a website for editing songs and sounds

Wavacity is a free, open source audio editor for the web that is derived from the popular software Audacity and has been modified by the developers to run online.

Wavacity has a neatly designed interface similar to Audacity from the menu bar at the top to the audio track and track control panel below the toolbars.

The time toolbar, status bar, etc. are also shown at the bottom of the interface.

It allows you to import/export audio files in most formats like WAV, AIFF, AU, Ogg Vorbis and many more

- Can record live sound through a microphone or a mixer

-You can add important sound effects and remove background noise including static noise, hissing, hum and more.

You can easily edit the files you import and even combine them with other files. In addition, you can combine imported audio files with your new recordings.

-The site provides a very distinguished performance in terms of the durability and stability of the application, as you can rely on it for many tasks.

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