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Since the emergence of open-source artificial intelligence tools, where programmers have access to the source code and can use it, many useful tools that heavily rely on AI have appeared. However, most of these tools are not well-known because they are developed by individual programmers or small teams. Therefore, in this blog post, we will introduce a website that aggregates all useful artificial intelligence tools in one place.

Favird-Treasure trove of Artificial Intelligence tools

Favird is a website specialized in compiling important tools and software so that they do not get lost in the vastness of the internet, and to make them available for the largest possible number of users. 

The site contains about 1491 tools and more tools are added continuously, as it is considered as an archive of artificial intelligence tools that is constantly updated.

  • Kindly access the website via the provided link and locate the "AI Tools and Applications" segment, which is highlighted in the accompanying image.
  • On the right side you will find a classification of programs according to the field of use.
Favird-Treasure trove of Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Browse the website, and if you find a tool you like, click on it, and you'll find a description of the tool along with its promotional video. You can access the tool's website via the link below its name.
Thus, we hope that you will benefit from these tools  in your daily life to the fullest.

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